Patchouli and henna shampoo soap


A blend of musky patchouli essential oil

and henna to condition, balance and

smooth your hair and skin.

Patchouli oil has a calming and relaxing

aroma, it also treats dandruff, oily hair

and oily skin. A blend with tea tree and

frankincense gives antibacterial qualities

too. Henna powder* helps to make your

hair strong and nourish it from the roots

for a silky and shiny effect. Avocado oil is

a great moisturiser. Even though this soap

bar was formulated for the hair you can

also use it on your body.


It is a perfect 2 in 1 option (hair + body)

when travelling!


* We use neutral henna powder, which

does not have dying properties.


Use a vinegar (or lemon or citric acid)

rinse for the best results.


Patchouli x henna shampoo soap

    • Superfat 6%
    • Weight around 90g
    • Packed in recyclable/compostable paper.
    • Dygo uses the cold-pressed soap making technique, which creates slowly maturing soap bars full of moisturizing qualities.
    • All Dygo soaps are made just with natural (plant-based and mineral) ingredients. We do not use palm oil, animal fat, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances.
    • Each soap batch is carefully handcrafted at Dygo’s home kitchen, so each soap bar has its unique shape, colour and aroma.