Chamomile shampoo soap

Chamomile has been used for centuries

as a natural remedy to keep the hair

and skin healthy.

The uplifting and citrusy aroma of may

chang, sweet orange and lavender

essential oils, calming chamomile and

nourishing turmeric powder creates a

wonderful soap bar for dryer hair.

Linseed oil helps to keep your hair soft

and moisturised. Even though this soap

bar is formulated for hair it can be used

for the body as well.


It is a perfect 2 in 1 option (hair + body)

when travelling!


Use a vinegar (or lemon or citric acid)

rinse for the best results.

Chamomile shampoo soap

    • Superfat 6%
    • Weight around 90g
    • Packed in recyclable/compostable paper.
    • Dygo uses the cold-pressed soap making technique, which creates slowly maturing soap bars full of moisturizing qualities.
    • All Dygo soaps are made just with natural (plant-based and mineral) ingredients. We do not use palm oil, animal fat, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances.
    • Each soap batch is carefully handcrafted at Dygo’s home kitchen, so each soap bar has its unique shape, colour and aroma.